Let’s Think Photography!

The Sky is the Limit!
                    The Sky is the Limit!

Being a photographer can be a real challenge, especially with the rising technology of the cellphone camera.  We will have many highs and lows. How we react to these challenges will mean the difference between failure and success.  We have to have a positive mindset. Put our emotions aside and become the confident person that we are.   Let’s examine a few things to keep us on track.

1: Change is good. Why, because if you are having problems, if you’re not satisfied with your photography, CHANGE what you’ve been doing. If you normally shoot people change to landscapes for a while, change your locations, change your lens, but mostly change Your thoughts. If you always shoot the same way, you will always, always, get the same results;  change how you contact people, change your approach, change your attitude, smile, listen to  different music.

2: Positive energy, positive thoughts, become the better photographer. Read, write, discuss photography.
Focus on your subject, how does the light change the subject, does it enhance, or you going to shoot black and white or color. Does the shoot make you happy?

3: Put forth every effort to shoot every day. Read photography everyday, make your work stand out and then return to your favored subjects. Make some calls, set up interviews, check out new locations for shoots. Don’t overlook what’s right in front of your face.

4: Don’t overlook the simple things that take up so much time. Is your online presence up-to-date? Have you updated your images, general price list.  Get new business cards and not like your old ones.
Do you have any specials going on? Are you networking with others. Make the effort and if they don’t then you/I still carry on. And write/blog about it, make it interesting and fun. But most of all, don’t get discouraged, get out and take pictures.